About TRB

Since 1990, TRB Consulting Group has been providing management consulting and focusing on companies and the achievement of their key business, revenue and profit objectives. We do this in a manner that is unique for a Management Consulting company — we use training as a vehicle for change and ongoing improvement.

TRB begins by working with the Management team and the key people in their organizations to determine the key focus areas of the business. In a common sense, logical approach to Sales and Marketing, the Management team and their people create a Business Plan that will tie their business strategy to the tactical, day-to-day Sales and Marketing operations and implementation activities required to achieve the desired business results.

TRB focuses on profit and how the company knows they are going to achieve their desired profit levels before they spend any money on Sales and Marketing. TRB provides the tools, techniques, training, consulting and measurement strategy services required to achieve the business objectives. One of our clients told us that this hard hitting approach to business planning has enabled them to begin the implementation, execution and measurement of their plans 6 months earlier than they believed possible!

TRB focuses on results. This means that we are constantly seeking ways to really impact a company’s business ? how to increase sales and profit, how to improve quality and customer service and how to gain a competitive edge. We believe that every Sales and Marketing program that is executed should accomplish these objectives and they should be measured to ensure the results truly provide a return on investment. If they do not, then money is being spent, but not being invested wisely.

TRB believes that training should reinforce business goals – it actually should be used as a change agent. This means that training programs should go beyond just teaching techniques – they must prepare people to execute their jobs more effectively and efficiently. A quality training program should provide the company’s employees with their Corporate Strategy, Vision and Sales Messages and it should provide them with the tools, techniques, measures and job aids needed to effectively deliver these messages to the customer in everything that is created, said or done.

Our extensive experience in all aspects of product and marketing program management can assist Management teams in the development, execution, evaluation and measurement of programs and strategies. We can also assist or complement the teams in the creation and production of sales aids, marketing materials, advertising programs and various other materials to support the company’s Sales and Marketing strategies.

One of our clients once said, ” TRB is different from other consulting companies. TRB develops Sales and Marketing programs that fit our strategic objectives instead of trying to get us to change our strategies to fit their solutions.” They were right. TRB is different and we are proud of it.