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The TRB Consulting Group is a Management Consulting firm that focuses on you, your company and the achievement of your key business, revenue and profit objectives. We do this in a manner that is unique for a Management Consulting company — we use training as a vehicle for change and ongoing improvement.

TRB begins by working with your Management team and the key people in your organization to determine the key focus areas of your business. In a common sense, logical approach to Sales and Marketing, your Management team and your Sales and Marketing people will create a Business Plan that will go from your business strategy to the tactical, day-to-day implementation activities required to achieve the desired business results. TRB provides the tools, techniques, training and consulting services required to achieve your business objectives.

The founders of TRB, Mary Molloy and Mike Molloy, have over fifty years of combined experience in Sales, Sales Management, Marketing Management, International Marketing and the Training of Sales and Marketing Professionals. Mary and Mike Molloy have and authored The Buck Starts Here – Profit Based Sales and Marketing Made Easy, which is currently available in most major bookstores. The Buck Starts Here won the Clarion Award for the Best Non Fiction book! In the past five years, TRB Consulting Group has trained and worked with over 15,000 Sales, Marketing and Business professionals representing 50 countries from very large corporations to very small companies. We combine our unique blend of skills and experience with the talents of your Management team to ensure that each assignment we undertake provides tangible results for your business.

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